Purpose of EΒΗΕ

1. The study and promotion of issues of general and technical interest for the production and dissemination of solar energy systems.
2. The cooperation between the members for the solution of technical problems, the scientific and technological development of the solar energy exploitation systems and the improvement of their specifications for the protection of the consumers and the manufacturers.
3. The representation of the members in the collective relations with the EU, the public, with the local authorities and of public benefit and in general with any authority, public or private body and especially with consumer associations.
4. Participation in associations, federations and other organizations that serve the purposes of the Union.
5. The dissemination of solar energy systems by any appropriate means.
6. The strengthening of the Greek Industry for the production of Solar Systems.
7. The protection of its members from unfair competition and the assurance of consumers that the products supplied are those described in the technical specifications.
8. Participation in the preparation of studies in scientific and technical programs.
9. The promotion of product certification and relevant professionals (eg installers).

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