EBHE Aspirations

The penetration of Solar Thermal Systems in Greece is quite low not only related to the country’s potential, but also to the White Paper targets on the use of Renewable Energy Sources and to the National Plan on Climate Changes.

For that reason EBHE asks for the establishment of new measures and policies towards the further development of solar energy in Greece. Measures and policies could reflect the international experience and could concentrate on:

1. The establishment of a national objective concerning the established surface of solar collectors.

EBHE proposes that an objective of 10 mil. m2 of established solar collectors until 2015 (including solar heating and cooling systems) would be rational. The objective of 1 m2 of solar collectors per habitant has been adopted by nongovernmental environmental organizations, since it could result to a 4 mil. tons of CO2 savings per year.

2. Provision of financial incentives for households and retailers.

The incentives could be related to tax releases (in force until a few years ago), lower VAT rate or even direct support for the market and installation of a solar thermal system, as implemented in many other EU countries.


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